Summer Mini Camps

Duration: 1.5 hours per day, Monday through Thursday

Description: Come learn the basics of archery! Equipment, safety, form, aiming and scoring. Each mini camp is 4 days long and includes the use of our archery equipment. Space is limited 10 archers per class. Multiple shooting lanes per day to best fit your schedule.

Cost: $150.00 

Prerequisite: Minimum age 8 years old or 7 with pre-evaluation.

Self Defense and Archery Mini Camp

Duration: 2 hours per day, Monday through Thursday 8/5/2024 – 8/8/2024


This camp is open to ages 10 years old and up. Each session will begin with an hour of archery before heading downstairs to Untamed Fitness for a 45 minute session of self defense training.

The archery portion will go over the essential basics of archery. Such as safety, form, and the different styles of equipment which will be provided for the class. We begin with a lesson for the day and then finish off with archery themed games!

The self defense portion will focus on how to safely learn about recognizing potentially harmful situations, as well as what to do. We will discuss de-escalation tactics, as well as how to counter aggressive actions such as wrist grabs, chokes, kidnappings, and stand up aggression. We will also go over what to do if a fight goes to the ground, how to best get out of the situation, and the steps involved to get help.

*Space is limited to 10 students.

Cost: $250.00 

Prerequisite: Minimum age 10 years old